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What Can An EcoBroker Do For Me?

Green is Unregulated was a post concerning the green-washing in the real estate world. With the green building market set to triple in size over the next four years, I feel it’s important that the people representing buyers and sellers of green homes in Austin have the opportunity to work with someone appropriately qualified. Hence, my EcoBroker certification!

What is an EcoBroker? EcoBroker is a certification undertaken by real estate professionals to give them additional expertise and training in the field of high performance homes. There are many aspects of the certification, and the aim is to make real estate agents more capable to serve their clients in marketing or buying their green homes.

Green homes in Austin are a larger share of the market than in other parts of the country – the City spawned the Austin Energy Green Building Program which begat LEED, and Central Texas is leading the country in the growth of LEED certified buildings.

As consumers become more demanding and more educated about aspects of home construction that will make their homes healthier and more efficient, some agents have started to differentiate themselves by seeking training. As an EcoBroker, I know what things to look for and have a network of like-minded people who can help my clients to achieve their green goals. Whether it’s improved indoor air-quality in a new home, lower utility bills, or the things to look out for in a home built in 1944 – I can point you in the right direction.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on which roof surface will support a solar PV array, but I know a man who is! And if you’ve invested in a 15 SEER HVAC system in a home you are selling, I know how to explain the benefits to a prospective buyer.

With many new homebuilders claiming their homes are green, it’s good to get a second opinion on such a large catch-all term. That’s where an EcoBroker comes in!

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Garreth Wilcock is an Austin EcoBroker® with Keller Williams Realty.

Specializing in: Green Austin Real Estate and New Green Homes in Austin.

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