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5 star green homes for sale in Austin for under $250k?

5 Star Green construction can certainly run at a premium and people often ask me if they can get such a high performance home in their price point. I took a look at the market today and came up with the following answer: yes.

There are a couple of challenges in finding them yourself – there aren’t all that many agents who use the primary listing database fields correctly. Green Building Scheme Rating is an optional field, and some agents don’t fill it in correctly. The other challenge is that new homes aren’t always in the MLS. So even if you find a site that shows “5 star green homes” it tends to reflect a portion of the market.

5 star green

Correctly labeled in the MLS too!

There are a few condo developments which meet the criteria, one being the Lakeline Square condos up near 183 and 620. You can get three story town homes for around 150k there – over 1300 sqft with 3 beds.

If being close to town is more important as part of your sustainable lifestyle choice, there are the Pedernales condos on E6th Street – right by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. These were built in 2005 and start at around $120k for a 1 bed unit.

From time to time other small condo developments pop up too – from small duplex conversions to new builds.

For single family detached homes in the city, the only place is SOL Austin – right now they have a 1300+ sqft 3 bed home for around $250k.

Inventory turns all the time, so get in touch if you want an updated list of 5 star green homes in your price point.

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