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Green Roof in Austin

John Gaines park has a commitment to follow which is to maintain sustainability and green building. The newly opened pool building has been featured in UT’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in their recent article on the merits of a green roof.

John Gaines park is known to be beautiful and besides that fact, having a green roof adds a living element to its structure and comes with its own host of benefits as well.

The green roof is a very sustainable installation that will be helping in the absorption of rainwater and provide a natural insulation for the building. This will result to less water runoff and less energy used for heating and cooling.


More green space will also help keep the ambient temperature cooler by breaking up the concentration of heat absorbing materials that are usually found in urban areas such as the sidewalks and streets. The roof will also help slow down and collect rain water through a water barrel collection system that serves to supplement the irrigation.

The plant life will provide a natural wildlife habitat for lizards, geckos, and insects that are very important to a diminishing ecosystem. In addition to this, the plants will effectively utilize their natural functions to treat the air helping us all breathe a little cleaner.

Green roofs in hot climates have come a long way in the past years. There has been a dramatic spike in demand for green roof projects since 2009. Due to the continuous research and experience, these green roof projects have been proven to work.

Feel free to head on this article if you are interested in knowing about the pool in John Gaines park and other pools in Mueller.

If you think you wish to know about green homes here in Austin, please don’t hesitate to call 512 215-4785.

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