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About Us

Take a look at Austin’s Climate Protection Plan, and think about new construction in the area. Then think about how much of the housing stock that will be available in 2030 is already here. Think about how many people are moving to Texas every day.

My take is that the only way we can make it through the next few decades in a responsible way is to focus more on sustainable practices in building and remodeling homes. Green real estate is a little bit jingoistic and is certainly an area fraught with hype, over-marketing and nonsense.

My goal is to present some of the nuggets of wisdom I find along my way.

I’m a real estate agent, I’m an EcoBroker, and I live in a “green home”. I hope that you want to too.

If you want a Garreth Wilcock picture and a bio, you can check out one of my other blogs – I’m not a fan of the duplicate content.

If you want to get in touch, you can always call 512 215 4785 and ask for Garreth